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Evolution and Cooperation

From aggression to altruism (2006)

Van Lange, P. A. M., De Cremer, D., & Van Dijk, E., & Van Vugt, M. (2007). From aggression to altruism: Basic principles of social interaction. In E.T. Higgins & A. W. Kruglanski (Eds), Social Psychology: Handbook of Basic Principles (pp. 540-561) . New York : Guilford. 



What interpersonal orientations drive sodal interactions? Does selfishness underlie most of our behavior? Are we also inclined to benefit others? Are we naturally committed to sharing and pursuing equality? Do we tend to compete with others, even if we suffer from it by doing so? When and why do we aggress? Such questions are among the most fundamental to understanding interpersonal relations and group processes, which may explain why these topics have attracted the attention of so many scientists from so many fields and disciplines for so long. [...]


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