Evolutionary Psychology Lab @VU

Our interest is in studying human social and organizational behaviour from an evolutionary theoretical framework to develop ideas and research questions. Members of the research group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam study a variety of topics including leadership and followership, power and conflict, emotions, altruism and cooperation, costly signalling, intergroup relations and sex differences. We use a combination of laboratory experiments, neuroscience studies, surveys and field research (visit the VU website for more information on the EPLab@VU).

There are currently projects ongoing on several topics:
· Leadership in an evolutionary context
· Competitive altruism and reputation-based cooperation
· Altruism and sexual selection
· Laughter and humour as social lubricant in groups
· Intergroup conflict and the male warrior hypothesis 

To find out more about the Evolutionary Social and Organizational Psychology Lab, or for information on postgraduate opportunities (master's and PhD) or final-year projects, contact Mark Van Vugt: m.van.vugt[at]psy.vu.nl

Mark van Vugt's publications
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