The purpose of this website is to provide information and disseminate knowledge about my research, teaching, and consultancy in organizational psychology, organizational neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology.

professor mark van vugtMy particular expertise lies in the field of evolutionary and biological approaches to social and organizational behavior. I am interested in how evolutionary theory can be applied to understand group dynamics, organziational behavior, leadership, status, power, conflict and cooperation, and intergroup relations. In our lab at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) we are using a range of methodologies from experimental psychology, social neuroscience, and behavioral economics to test hypotheses about human group behavior and its evolutionary roots. 

Here is some information about our Amsterdam Leadership Lab. The Amsterdam Leadership Lab was recently established as a tool for transdisciplinary research, experimentation, training and development for Leaders, Teams, and Boardrooms within the Public and Private sector about matters of leadership, governance and team functioning.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information about this unique lab.

 I have also a keen interest in applications of evolutionary biology, psychology and neuroscience to domains such as business, leadership and management,  environmental sustainability, politics, peace and warfare, sex differences, economics and finance, health and poverty, charity and philanthropy.

 Interested in finding out more about our  Organziational Psychology. 

If you are interested in more please read my blogposts in Psychology Today and my science columns in Trouw (in Dutch).

Copies of articles, book chapters and lecture slides are available as PDFs on my website, see publications.

Here is a an introductory chapter I wrote with a colleague on Evolutionary Perspectives on Group Processes if you are interested in this emerging field


Mark Van Vugt, Professor of Psychology*


Follow me on Twitter: @markvanvugt1



*Social and Organizational Psychology Group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,  

Transitorium. room 1 B-29, Van der Boechorststraat 1, 1081 BT Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

*Department of Politics, University of Oxford, UK


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